Quotes added on Thursday, March 26 2015

go and talk to that one person you admire but are too shy to go for it. they're just human. it doesn't matter if you aren't as cool or funny or interesting as they are or as you think they think you are. just go and do it. go talk to them.
make good art
maximise your humanity
we were good to each other, and i loved you. because you were wonderful.
let's stop talking about how it went dark at the end because the end does not destroy the beginning and i refuse to let today's mistakes stain yesterday anymore
paint something or draw something for an onine friend, scan it in, and give it to them. it will mean more to them than you comprehend.
you are a thing of beauty because you made yourself to be.
hard workers are sexy, and pride in your achievements is how it's supposed to be
the blood in these veins isn't pumping any less than it ever has.
i love how every teenager has that complex where you WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT ARE SOMEHOW SOMEWHY SUFFERING
girl i have been here for four years ok if you think no-one's noticing your sneaky old-format-nabbing think again
just bc they're old doesn't mean you should omit credit

i give up
intellectual property is a nothing u r a nothing
i dont need to tell you im beautiful i know im perf get over urself and stOP IT NOW
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