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Don’t let the present pass in sorrow, hoping that the future will be full of Joy.-RVM 
I have been 20 for thirty-four
minutes and I'm already crying.
this isn't okay.
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If someone is different to you and like strange things please do not make fun of them for being different to you because being different in a world of people who are trying to be normal is rare so please for the love of god don't say anything to them.Ā 

Sincerely,we don't want to be robots
A local clothing store advertises the sizes it stocks in this unique way: small,medium, lovely, X lovely and XX lovely. What a kind way to describe someone who's size-12 days are over!
If you saw me sitting in a corner all alone, would you check and see if I was okay?
If I was shaking and crying, would you comfort me?
If you hadn't heard from me in a long time, would you check up on me?

Just when I thought I was over you, just when I thought I had moved on, just when I through I was closer to a happier life, I found out I couldn't be further away from that ideal.
After almost 4 years
I think I am ready
To let her go

She will always be etched
Onto my heart
I will always remember her
And I hope she will remember me

But now it's time
To start living anew
To step off into a new dawn
and a new life

*tap* *tap*: i knock on the shop window...He looks...No one is there...

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