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We are so busy trying to make a better TOMORROW that we forget to make the best of TODAY.-RVM
That moment when your whole world is coming together and falling apart at the same time...if only you knew how truly sorry I am...I would give anything to go back explain more but I know I cant...and that will be the biggest regret of my life..letting the girl I love think that I didn't love her back...

There is a major difference in bragging about a problem to get attention, and simply talking about a problem because you want people to understand it better...I do not seek out anyone's attention...in fact, I avoid it as much as I can because lots of attention makes me uncomfortable...do not call someone an attention seeker until you understand or know them as  person. Yes, there are people who love attention...I am not one of them

The internet has made me realize how nice some people can be, yet at the same time, how completely vicious and awful many people can be
Some people are so greedy. They will take your words and your thoughts from you...I posted some of my poetry a while back on Witty (big mistake) and people actually copied some of my poems...some people even blamed me for it! It was the reason I left Witty for a long time...

Just because you see someone else
s words written on a screen does not mean they are yours to take...Poetry is actually not easy to write or share, but most people do not care...they see words they like and just take it...I was told before I should be happy my poems were copied...Um, no. Writing is something that means a lot to me, and if you are not a writer or a poet, yourself, you just cannot understand how much it hurts when someone is so lazy and uncreative, they just take it from you....

g someone does not make you beautiful or unique at all....you may think it does, but it does not....You are not the person you choose to copy from...you do not live their life, know their story, or understand their experiences....copycats are lazy...if someone  gives you permission to use their work, I understand....but if someone does not, you are completely disrespecting them if you take someone’
s work or art and try to pass it off as your own.
If you are going to try to get into a debate with me about my opinions, you can leave...I am not here to impress you people, I do not even know any of you...I am just expressing my thoughts so if you cannot be nice, leave...
You can tell how mature people are on Witty by the way they reply to your quotes....obviously the people who get offended really easily are really young kids who clearly do not know anything about life yet, outside of their safe little bubble they live in 

keeps creeping

Even when
they try
to smile and laugh
to talk and bond


Because even
if they talked like an angel
and shined like a star

They can never
pushing them away
This quote does not exist.
if u cannot handle somebody challenging ur opinions don't bother sharing them. like literally, that's a natural part of life and if you're so childish that you cannot accept harmless, and non-aggressive criticisms please grow up. you see, everyone sees things differently and ur not superior or any more right than somebody else so you cannot just dismiss someone. learn to stop being 7. haha. lol bye
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