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but lol @ my school for telling me that I'm not allowed to dye my hair blue.
It is sad when you want to share your writing with other people, but you are too afraid they will not dislike it and not understsnd it. And even worse, they like it so much, they take it and copy it from you. I do not like seeing anonymous words. I want to see the name of the person who wrote the beautiful words people relate to so much. That is what bothers me about a lot of online quotes and poems. Someone, somewhere, at some point in time, thought up and shared those words. Writing takes skill and not everyone can do it. when a quote or poem is passed around, on tumblr or social media, and so many people relate to it and never stop to consider who actually wrote it, it starts to lose its meaning...at least to me. we all cannot feel the same way. you may read and relate to a beautiful piece of writing you find online and think "wow, that sounds like me" But at the end of the day, are you one of those people who can actually sit down and create a poem, quote or story simply from the thoughts that are in your head? and then have enough courage to share it? I wonder....
I hate having to post quotes from my phone. I already see typos in some of my quotes. It is so annoying
I do not understand people who dislike reading, writing, poetry and being creative. I understand if people do not find interest in those things, but i do not get people who think being creative or skilled at something is weird or stupid
Well i can say i was 15 when i first heard about witty and now im almost 23 and i still come on here and read quotes from amazing individuals who opens thier minds and heart and who arent afraid of it also i can say is that i write poems and quotes on here my self now and back then and im saying that this site is an big inspration for eveyone and more people should come and join and express them selfs and there will not be much viloence in the universe

What happened to people just using a pen and paper to write their thoughts down? Or a diary or a journal? It bothers me so much when people use sites like Tumblr to "vent"..but really those are the people who usually wind up romanticizing eating disorders, depression, and self harm because of what they post. If you are intentionally trying to trigger people, get attention, and make these problem seem cute or glamorous, its not venting...these issues are not personality traits. A mental disorder does not cause you to post content that glorifies it. There is a difference in talking about your problem and glorifying it so you get attention. Most websites are public. You cannot just post something others may find offensive or triggering on a public site, and expect no one to get offended. What happened to people actually listing things they enjoy, like listening to music or something....you go on tumblr and its like "my name is so and so, i have OCD, anorexia and bulimia, self harm, and depression/bipolar disorder. how are you?" That sounds idiotic because if is...lots of people fake mental disorders, mock the pain of the people actually dealing with them, post their stupid triggering pictures for everyone to see, and then are shocked when people report them for violating a website's guidelines. If you really did not want to risk getting negative reactions from what you post, you would keep it private...it is not that difficult
I hate when my internet is down, because on this one social media site i use, i wake up every day to these awful and immature people following and liking my posts when i do not want them to. so when my internet is down, i can't just block them, like i usually do. i have to wait till my internet comes back. it is so frustrating. I do not know how people navigate social media without blocking the rude, idiotic people they run into. People like that are everywhere. If someone blocks you from their profile or page, there is a reason. I wish people understood this
u r a bag full of faeces lol bye
"If you keep saying shlt like that about people," she punctuated, glaring up into his eyes, "soon enough, you'll make everyone who once cared about you turn their backs on you."
"You're always right there."
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