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If being simply honest got you money, I would be rich
If you disagree with my opinions, do not understand my quotes, or are going to get into a debate with me over my opinions, you can unfollow/not read my quotes..I write about what matters to me, my quotes are not here to impress people or win followers....
idk, I meet guys, guys that I get along with
fine while texting, and there's always just a
thing that doesn't feel right. I can't tell if it's
just me being more difficult due to my dating
history, or if there is something actually off
about them.
There is nothing more painful than being in pain but not being able to talk about it because of the constant criticism or ignorance you receive because of it

If you do not really care,

do not ask what is wron
Being smart does not mean you know everything. I know a lot about certain topics. I am not an expert, and I never claimed to be 
It's hard to look at this now, so different because this was the place that gave me shelter
when I was younger and lonelier. 

This quote does not exist.

You can start a diet

You cannot start an eating disorder

It is an illness, not a c

Don’t be ignorant
Someone who lives meaningfully for 30 years has lived a much longer Life than one who drifted through Life for 60 years.-RVM
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