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i may be
without you
You cannot say you are against a serious issue, and then glorify and promote it at the same time. You cannot say you truly understand  how awful something is, and yet post stuff that makes it seem like a joke...You are either smart and you actually recognize certain things should never ever be promoted or glorified, or you are truly self centered and ignorant and you do not actually care whether you hurt someone else by what you post
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You know what sucks? Being the one who
always cares more.
I'm a lady in the street
but a freak at the buffet
You don't need another human
being to make your life complete,
but let's be honest. Having your
wounds kissed by someone who
doesn't see them as disasters in
your soul, but cracks to put their
love into, is the most calming
thing in this world.
It is both a blessing and a curse
to feel everything so very deeply.

My only relationship goal is to be with
someone who motivates me to become
a better person and show me the
potential I don't see in myself.

Why are words like attention seeker and hypocrite some of the only insults girls can come up with?And if that does not work, they call you ugly or try to pick out some flaw with your appearance. The funny thing is whenever I get called a rude name, the person being mean usually hides behind an anonymous screen...like come on, you are really going to try to bash someones appearance, when you are too cowardly to show your own face? Some people are truly unbelievable   
If you do not have

one t

every day,

hat keeps you going

and makes you feel alive,

hen you will always feel numb

and dead inside,

no matter 
how long

you actually live
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