Quotes added on Sunday, April 19 2015

The pain of losing a true friend
and the hurt it continues to
create within your heart after so many years.
by Sugarpie

I love her.
I know we'll never be together.
But she's worth my pain.
I want her to be happy.
I love that girl.

I thought by replacing you with somebody else
would have taken the imprinted image of moments shared with you and
in particular you away forever.
But I was wrong.
By Sugarpie

Only the lonely know how I feel tonight
This quote does not exist.
Its even more difficult than it seemed and i believed ....life as we all knew would be something that would defy the meaning of destiny yet at every point it'll even make you believe in it ! 
for people who dont understand me , the doors right there .....
oh ,great ! now the rooms empty !
When you call me baby

I know i'm not the only one
You are for me.
The wind was told me so.
real talk though why do middle schoolers
have such intense parties
literally all my friends and i do
when we have parties is play with balloons
and sit on the floor

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