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One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Today was a pretty boring day and there's nothing really to update. The boys are still in the same locations as far as I know. They weren't really seen today but I'm sure they're just relaxing and enjoying their time away for a bit! Maybe they worked more on the album as well!

Rumors: None

Links: Niall posted this on instagram today: 

You use to like me, 
You use to want me, 
You use to say and do all of these so wonderful things that
made me fall for all your wrong ways. 
You're not right for me, 
You're so opposite now, 
but I'm so drawn to you that I keep pulling myself down. 
Happiness hit her, Like a train on a track.

Everybody counts—the Happy ones Count their Blessings and the sad ones Count their Troubles.-RVM
This quote does not exist.
Spilling every lie you've ever spilled before
she said everything came crashing down...and now she's left alone knowing it was all a lie.
So many songs have a meaning to me.
When one comes on and it reminds me
of you, I smile.
Do i need to take off my skin
so that you wont judge me ? 
because im exactly like you on the inside !
& I live for the moment to see you again. 
& I live for the moment just to see you smile. 
But most of all, I live for the moment for you to
tell me how much I mean to you.

Or whether I mean anything to you at all.... 

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