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It doesn't cost much to be Happy if the currency of your heart is the blowing of the breeze and the swaying of the trees. -RVM 

You're someone I've known all my life. You've always been a beacon of guidance for me and the whole community, and I'm so unbelievably sorry for what you had to go through. It wasn't right, it wasn't fair. You deserve so much better, and you have such a clean heart that you're simply taking this as a sign to move on. You're not even angry, I guess you're mostly still in shock. I think deep down, you just feel really disappointed in how everything panned out. Everyone misses you and is really feeling your absence. It's like everything's falling apart without you now. You were the invisible glue, that everyone viewed as a nuisance but you stuck around because you saw that we all really needed you. Again, I'm sorry this had to happen to someone like you; someone who was so kind hearted and only wanted good things, but this is good for you. You probably feel so hurt and so so outcasted and alone right now-but you aren't. I think you're right in thinking this was a sign. Because it is. Take this time to visit your family, take this time to reconnect with people who appreciate you and take this time for yourself. You've been there for everyone else your whole life, it's time for you to have some 'you' time. I don't know how to end this so I'll end it with I'll miss you and I pray for only good things to come your way.

And I was fooling myself with this whole tough girl act. I feel sometimes too and I want to cry sometimes too and I need a hug every now and again just like everyone else does. I don't know why I set myself up to this high standard, where I force myself to hide and contain all these strong emotions. I don't know when I learnt how to bottle things up but I've been doing it so long, it's almost like second nature. I can't open up, I can't talk my feelings out. But I wish I could. I used to think keeping everything inside made me strong, because no one else knew the full picture and no-one could use my weaknesses against me. But now I've realised that doing that just makes me tired. Biting my lip when I'm about to burst just leaves me so very, very drained.

Respect is so important, but it can never be expected. Respect is built over a long period of time, or sometimes only in a moment following a heroic action. But just as easily, in the blink of an eye, it could be burnt down to ash and debris. Choose your words and think your actions. It could result in someone losing all faith in you.

And how many people have to die
& how many have to suffer 
before we realize something is wrong,
(before we do something about it?)

Because plain and simply, you cannot liberate
those who are already free.


This quote does not exist.
Am I selfish for the way I'm acting?
You say no, but my god
I'm so glad you saved me.
I'm terrified of losing someone else.
I don't think my heart
could handle another

...when you love someone

youll do just about anything to keep them.

~ Kate Morton, The Distant Hours 
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