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To My friend Madison I will Love You Forever Don't forget It
When I am Gone When I Gone Just Shut Up and dance
When you finally make friends in a class after months and month, then a new girl comes to your class and steals your friends, and you're alone again. -.-t
# Im Not Cool, When Ur Old Friends Push U.  U Push Back

Tired Of Beign Bullied
You never know what you have until you lose it. Don't ever take anyone for granted. Love them while you have them cause one day you might not have them anymore. If you take them for granted and make them go away but they continue to come back its because they actually care. Don't keep pushing them away because one day they wont come back. Tell them how much you love them and care about them. Just walk up and randomly kiss them for no reason to let them know you love them. Walk up and just hug them. Tell them that you will always be there for them in their times of need or just be there to do it. Let them know you will always love them no matter what. Never take anyone for granted because you could be hurting the love of your life and not even know it. Love them for the time you have them and treat them right. Love is a beautiful thing. Love is forever not just for the time being. If you are in a relationship then act like it. Don't run around on them. Love them and only them. 
                          A quote by Taylor Thomas (friend of singingginger)
When heather gives you the idea to make a profile on here



somewhere, something is calling for you

Hey guys you should get on this site its called Scratch


              could outdo me

Love is a drug, the outcome depends on how you use it.
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