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She was too scared to speak out her mind so she ended up posting them on witty! *Story of my life*
Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips
We should just kiss like real people do

And in the silence I suddenly understood the many ways a person can die but still be alive.

Sorry is the Kool-Aid of human emotions. It’s what you say when you spill a cup of coffee or throw a gutter ball when you’re bowling with the girls in the league. True sorrow is as rare as true love.
they told me when I get older
all my fears would shrink.

but now I'm insecure,
and I care what people think

And finally I realized just how much I had lost. 
I had let myself be consumed by my misery until I was certain I was more beautiful for it and I suffered in love with the idea of loving you, when you were so much better off without me. I gave up an entire life and my entire youth because of this pain that I had held onto and refused to let go of. I ruined my life and I've never known love and this was the cost of all I have done. 

You're so much better off
without me. 


Sincerely Jamie

(Chapter 1)

Jamie's Pov:
Her face was shut, not even the sweet sound of birds in the morning could awaken her. She is a lost soul, reincarnation- maybe? Her breath alone seduces my mind; tingling my spine. The joke is I don't even know this teaser's name. She is playing a game with me, a game of torture, and she doesn't even know. I have spent away not just only my time on her, but my cash too. This one sided love afair costs, a cup of coffee to be exact. I have spent three months worth of sundays in her presence just to watch her serve some drinks and wipe tables. However, every moment was worth it. You would think she would've noticed me by now- next joke. All I get from this halo wearing demon is a nod and if I'm lucky her eyes might meet mine for a split second. How could someone so fragile have such an impact on me? Maybe it's the way her washed away blonde hair is tackled into a messy bun with some guards of bobby pins. Or the way her shoes are so tight that she bites her chapped faded lips just to make the pain bearable. Or even, maybe it's the way her milk bottle skin is laid with a few drags of acne, just noticible under a mask of cheap foundation. Nevertheless, she's beautiful.
Today was going to be a special sunday however. The question is,how am I going to pull it off?
Neve's Pov:
Repetitively, the door of the coffee shop barged its way open and shut again; making me jump. Consequently, I clumsily spill some coffee not only on my hand but on the floor giving it a new lick of brown decor. Embarrassed- no. I felt so much worse than that. A couple customers gave me the eye of disappointment while others clapped sarcastically. I wish I could've shoved the boiling coffee up their "sun don't shine" area. 
"Hey, do you need some help? Look... here. Wait, your hand. Here have this". A familiar face pulls out a hankchief and dabs my eyes. My hand is too numb; I didn't realise I am crying. I look at him blankly. Why is he helping me? 
"You should sit down and save yourself the humiliation", I manage to squeak out in a blurted whisper. He looks confused and desperate for me to explain why I was so rude after his hankchief offering. He laughs to himself silently... As if I have lost all of my senses. That's it. I'm going to slap him and see how he likes it. I clench my fists but he reaches out for my hand and grabs some ice from a glass with the other and soothes it.
"What's there to be humiliated by? You stepped in fire. Well, with your hand" he chuckles again, "I guess I'll be known as the guy who took the clumsy girl out-".
I instantly pull my hand away. I don't know this guy and now he wants me to go out with him? I start growing goose pimples on my thighs with the shock of not only the coffee disaster but this guy's forwardness. 
"Meet me tonight at 6pm by the old playground. By the swings... Please, come". He rises up and leaves me kneeling still and heads for the door, "Sincerely Jamie".

I keep ruining myself 
And ruining myself

over these thoughts

And these words that meant nothing.


Weird ALL yes ALL my admires including my first love Birthday falls in the month of May. Seriously?? hahaa :D

PS: itz FIVE of them! ^^
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