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Does anyone even know who I am here anymore ? I miss you all.
I keep getting random pangs of anxiety, 
and at first it was only for a few seconds 
and then it would go away, but this time
it has been a few minutes that feels like
forever and I can't shake it, and the real
kicker is I have nothing to be anxious
about rn? (well, I do, but I have a plan
and I'm quite calm about it.. for now.)

I'm so used to being anxious all the time,
like I would legit shake and cry and have
this urge to shat my pants the whole way
into school ever since like 6th grade if not
earlier.and I thought it had gotten better, bc
when I was going to school with my friend,
I didn't get anxious about every single class,
but then I sunk back to where I was and it
is just getting worse and worse.and I'm like
trash bc I can't even get a job, and I can't
even go to school, bc people.
This quote does not exist.
How do you look for Will Smith in the snow? You look for the fresh prints.
I feel like I'll never be okay again
I've never felt so alone
I never thought he could make me feel so helpless
I didn't know I cared that much
I almost swallowed every pill in sight
I can't believe I held on
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
When two people share a strong bond, no matter what happens, the universe will always find a way to bring them together.
Have your own Convictions. Believe in the laws of your Conscience because if you believe in everything, you become nothing.-RVM
Dreams are actually quite amazing...
it's the reality that follows that's upsetting.
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