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Teacher: You can't write an essay overnight.

Exam: You have one hour to write an essay.
Can't stop stalking YOU! :p
This quote does not exist.
See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penls and only enough blood to run one at a time.
~ Robin Williams

I feel sick
without you.

May 4, 2015
Why I Shouldn't Waste My Time
1. From the begining I never felt secure
2. I never felt Important
3. When he's gone, he's gone.
4. No good mornings, no goodnights, and no I miss you texts
5. He never takes me out
6. I've cried more then I've smiled
7. He doesn't make me feel worth it
8. I am worth it
9. His friends come first (which is fine) they also come secound thrid, fourth, fifth...... 
    I dont even think I'm on the list unless he's bored and his friends are busy
10. I'm the only one trying
11. I am the only one trying

I deserve picnics and the beach, rockclimbing and chilis. I deserve the bar and to play pool. I deserve ice cream and the woods, long walks and even longer conversations. I deserve someone who will look at me with so much love they can barley hold back tears. I deserve someone who thinks about me and texts me, and calls me befor bed. I deserve someone who wants to know me, who tries for me, someone who will work hard for me. 

Lately everything

reminds me of you. 


People are decent human beings because of their actions. And if you hurt other people, I do not see how you can think you are a decent human being...You are responsible for your own actions. You either hurt people or you help them. It makes me sad some people are so selfish


So I was thinking...

We should make a list about the things we love about Witty.
So comment on this quote, and tell me (and Steve) about your favorite Witty things. 




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