Quotes added on Wednesday, May 6 2015

Some people are so stupid and self centered, it makes my head hurt
how in the world do these people function in life?
how do other people even tolerate them
Why do so many people have to be so awful
on one hand i'm very dedicated to the music i listen to but on the other hand i'm very embarrassed by the music i listen to
I always ends up listening to sad songs! >>hate it
It is really difficult to not let something get to you or ignore it, when it seems to be everywhere you look
You cannot claim

you are a good, kind

and decent person

hen you do things

hat represent

he complete opposite

of those qualities

Life is not always beautiful or easy or fun

You only get one life
Life is not always perfect
But it does not need to be
This quote does not exist.
If you have:
Parents, relatives, and siblings who care about you
A nice place to live
Enough food to eat
A warm bed to come home to
Friends to text or see
Pets that love you
Activities or hobbies you truly enjoy
A person to contact when you are sad or in distress
Money to save and money to spend
Things that make you feel better about yourself
An education
People who really listen to you and care about your well being
good health
positive relationships
then you have a lot to be thankful for
I wish people would get the idea out of their head that being pitied, or broken or  helpless is somehow beautiful and endearing
Movies and tv and Tumblr portray those things like that way
But it is not reality
being pitied is not cute
feelinhelpless is not fun
feeling like you are broken is not beautiful

I would like to know

what it is like

to wake up

and actually like yourself
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