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People misunderstand me way too easily, and judge me way too much

It is really no wonder why I do not really talk to or trust many people and w
hy I am so insecure

ngl you guys, I had a homework
assignment that involved a question
like "an elderly man says that girls do
not mature as fast as they used to. He
said that it used to be when a girl had
a mature body, she had a mature brain
to go along with it." and I went on this
pretty long rant about how it was creepy
that an old man was taking notice to a
young girl's mature body, seeing how
becoming developed happens in like
middle school. and how messed up 
it was that he apparently checks out
girls, only to put them down about 
their mental maturity, and then has
nothing to say about boys (who are
known for being immature) and this
was for my human growth class and
it was all hypothetical but I couldn't
help myself and my teacher already
made comments about my "colorful"
answers before. 
If you have never actually experienced a specific serious problem for yourself, no amount of words explaining that problem will make you understand
You can listen to a person talk about it
You can feel bad for them and tell them you are sorry for them
But you really cannot understand what it feels like, in your heart
You do not really understand what the person deals with. You do not know whether they cry or feel trapped or terribly isolated and alone and like they cannot ask for help
Unless you actually struggle with the exact same thing
You cannot feel someone elses pain unless you are also going through it
That is the only way you really understand  

You do not need

to be mean

or critical of someone

because you

are unable to understand

or empathize

 with them or their problems
There is a major, major difference in intentionally setting out to be mean to someone for no reason and hurt them
And being simply offended and angry about someones behavior because it hurts or actually harms other people
Some people apparently do not understand this

But this has never been a labyrinth, or a maze. This is is a wheel, and we are all, for the most part, small, unimportant planks merely there to propel it on, never really in control. We never get to get out, we never get to stop, because the ride will never end. On and on we go, faster and faster, to an end which we already know but on a path that we do not. And once in a great while one of us becomes important in a way we never could have anticipated, but even a broken cog or a working break cannot stop us from excellerating faster and faster, rapidly deteriorating, falling apart before we even reach the great cliff we have been sentenced to crash from since the very moment in which we all started rolling. 

Dear Diary,
Good news!! I took a dump this morning and the poop floated. That means I'm in perfect health.  

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