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i. you have never been one for loyalty or pure, unbridled faith but you see her one spring day and something about the steely strength in her eyes her gentle, commanding words opens a gaping fissure in your chest, an arcane ache that only lessens in her presence. she walks away from you that first time and a voiceless chant begins to echo in your ears follow, follow, follow.

ii. you follow. you find yourself, more and more, trying to ease the weight of her burdens. she starts to expect your presence, rely on your counsel– she commands, you comply she questions, you reply. over time you learn to breathe in time with her heartbeat, know her joys and sorrows as deeply as your own. you let her reach for your hand when the pain is too great and treasure every fleeting smile she sends your way.

iii. she is a wonder to you whether she is faltering or fearless, whether she is lost or lordly— oh, you love her all the same. you do not ask for more than you deserve, no, you dare not presume for she is a queen and you are no consort but sometimes, when she thinks you cannot see her gaze upon you is tender, so very sweet that you cannot help your quiet hope.

iv. you stand by her in times of great beauty and times of great grief, you are there for her triumphs and her crushing defeats. you cannot tell if you love her more when she is a sunlit blaze on the battlefield, exuding an unattainable, otherworldly grace or when she heaves a sigh after a long day, runs calloused fingers through her hair, weariness lining her face (but then your love never truly fluctuates.)

v. she holds your hand as the stars fall and again as the world burns. you grasp her like a lifeline every time and ignore your hungering heart. enough, you think, as you feel her fingertips soft against your skin, this is more than enough.

lionheart, amrita c.


One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! There's really not much to update on today. It looks like all of the boys are now in LA. Niall was spotted there at CBS studios with James Corden! None of the others were seen though I've heard that Liam was around Beverly Hills.

No rumors or links today



with an accent of blood
who speaks in foreign tongues
whose vowels are the sound of metal clashing

with fire in her veins
and armor beneath her skin
who crushes earth beneather her feet

hair streaked with daggers
and iron filling her lungs
each breath ivitingly toxic

with lips made of glass
and voice cut from steel
features born from thunder and battle

a grin made for war
and eyes flecked with ash
striding, powerful, into the arms of death

perhaps she will be the one you follow into battle [t.r.]

i want trees instead of gravestones and nothing to confess. i got a soft spot for your ancient books of horror stories. 



So come out of the cave, walking on your
hands, and see the world hanging upside down.


Have you ever seen such rage in adolescent eyes, or witnessed a fit of confused yet so deadly sure desperation? These kids are not alright, don't you fight me on this. They know more swears than I know colours, and I'm afraid, that these kids are far from anything they've ever wanted.

Far more than the shield is the Pleasure I get on the field . . . the Joy of the chase is greater than the result of the race.-RVM
The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one's appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.
This quote does not exist.
Dear Dairy,

I slept in today since the rooster didn't wake me up. Lousy thing was too busy becoming a father now wasn't he. Either way I've had a very busy day today, tending to the farm. Goat didn't hit me in the backside and the cows were all fine and dandy. The sheep were the ones making a ruckus though. One followed me from the barn to the bedroom last night. I didn't realise till Pammie told me she heard bleating. I sent him back to the barn and the rest of the sheep thought I was going to feed them again and I couldn't just disappoint the bunch, so I fed them again. Any-who, time to hit the hay. Ahaha, not literally of course!- Ooh and I just remembered that the grand kids will be visiting tomorrow. I cannot wait!

-Farmer Feckle out home skillets.
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