Quotes added on Saturday, May 16 2015

when u like a guy:ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
when u realize they're scum:ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Friend: that's wrong you don't say

When was this country founded?" 

You say when did they find this country?"

Me: This is coming from the person who spelt the word 

no one."

“k n o w o n e."

Girl near me: that's how it's spelt isn't it?

Me: I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

A simple peice of printer paper
Stapled to the wall
Watches the hustle and bustle
Of clamoring teens crammed in the halls
From eleven to three
A streak of sunlight
Drowns the sheet of pink
And when the days have passed
And the kids have left
All that remains
Is a simple, faded pink paper
Stapled to the wall

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Becasue I'm up with no one to talk to....
I just thought for once you would be happy for me.
“Vows made in storms are forgot in calms.”
– Unknown
i'm sorry that i can see galaxies in your eyes and you can't find a single star in mine

When someone asks you what's wrong and you say "nothing" but what you really mean is "everything"

I swear, nothing can make you more
powerful than having the ability to
turn the most awful things into
motivation. Yeah people suck, but
what doesn't suck is them being red
faced and embarrassed when you
prove them wrong and become a
success. How you like them apples.


February 12, 2015
I am allowing myself to be hopeful in a situation where there is no hope left. How is it that I, a realist, can let myself be pathetically optimitic towards the worst things? The worst part is that I realize all of this, and still nothing will probably change.


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