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Your voice is so 

And in my dreams

I will always find 

my way back 
to you 


"thats not how the way world works"we're such idiots 😂😂😂
Don't judge me. You can't handle half of what I've dealt withThere's a reason I do the things I do, there's a reason I am who I am.
The importance of the hippies is not in their unconventional behavior, but in the fact that hundreds of thousands of young people, in turning to a flight from reality, are expressing a profoundly discrediting view on the society they emerge from. - Martin Luther King Jr.
I saw a star in the sky,All by itself.It was looking and me,And no one else.I cried in heavy heart,"Why do You dwell in night?""When the day feels like a nightmare rather than a flight"It called me into the sky,Away from the world,The door to the land of stars,Oh the sweet dreams it told.With A door of oak,And a noose at the brim,Could take me to stars,Could take me to Him.I wrapped the noose,Took one last look,And remembered Love,In all her roots.She walked toward me,Every step louder,"Stop!" I said, But she only got closer.The light touch of grace,Burned like hot coals,She kissed my face,And kissed my soul.And in desperation,I reached for a knife,The pain was too much,So I took her life.I killed love itself,And left it out to dry,Now my heart is empty,So I can peacefully die.
I cannot remember the last time I had a good dream
I just get restless nights
And nightmares when I do sleep  
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
Who taught the sun 
where to stand in the morning?
Who told the ocean 
'you can only come this far?'
Who showed the moon 
 to hide till evening?  
 words alone 
 catch a falling star?

I know my redeemer lives.
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