Quotes added on Monday, May 18 2015

when you read something or listen to someone
and you feel like you actually lose brain cells
because it or they just sound ridiculous
Dear Diary,
This is my second entry. But, I have $50 to buy books tomorrow. Yay. I can buy Joey Graceffa's book! I hope I get to go to Barnes and Nobles. I just reaaalllly want new books, is that too much to ask for?
I would like to get started on my pretty cool library.  


I am never free

I am always trapped

by my thoughts
love all, trust few, do harm to none - all's well that ends well
It is nice to have people care about you
but stressful when they cannot stop worrying about you

Not every problem can be solved

with a hug or a nice talk

Obsessing over your vanity
will not necessarily turn you into something beautiful  
You can actually make yourself feel worse and more alone

than any person or cruel words spoken to you ever could

just by 
the way your brain works
and it is sad
but for some people, it is the way it is

Compassion is free

So why is it so difficult
for some people to even show it?
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