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One Direction Update
Hey everyone! Not too much to update on today. Harry and Liam were the only ones seen. Harry went to Go Greek in LA and Liam is with Sophia on their holiday in France! 

Rumors: None

Links: Liam and Sophia today: 
Harry leaving Go Greek today: https://twitter.com/WW1DUpdates/status/601572838802227200
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waste 17 minutes of your life watching me ramble about creating stuff: youtube.com/watch?v=B1bz2CohuWE

Can we just start all over?
I swear, I'd get it right--I'd get us right.
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Sometimes we 
have to realize that
it wasn't the person
that was toxic, but 

the relationship.

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my teacher emailed me asking if I 
could at least come in to take an exam, 
and also send her what I have done of
my project. my project isn't no where
finished (I have seven pages) and it's
not even good. It's like if you got a 6th
grader, gave them the link to wikipedia,
and told them to write a paper about
why r.acism is bad in a one-sided way
(idk, I just don't know how to write a
paper, or at least not a good one. one
that is "senior quality.") and I really
want to add in my s.exism bits where
I touch base on r.ape if anyone is going
to read it, because that is something I
can relate to. I can talk about personal
experiences. plus, it took a lot of effort
for them to even let me into school this
year. they basically told me they didn't
think I could do it, because of how I've
done in the past. and I just want them 
to know what I was dealing with. I want
them to know I wasn't just being lazy,
and that I didn't want to wake up to 
come to school; I just didn't want to 
wake up at all.
Are you lying now?
Or were you lying all along?
It's like you broke down all my walls,
to build up your own.
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