Quotes added on Wednesday, May 27 2015

You don't always have to pretend to be strong, you can cry every once in awhile
What it feels like to be an unattractive guy with no hope of finding a girlfriend?
being in a relationship that wont work
I fell for the way he would lean his head down to laugh,
and the way his hair fell in his face,
and his smile, oh god his smile.
I fell for the way we could joke,
and how it felt so easy to talk to him,
I fell for the way I wanted to talk to him, to open up him
I fell 
and I fell 
and I fell
until I became so intimate with the bathroom floor
until the shower could no longer mask my cries because they were steadily turning into screams
until my manager was sending me home, because with one look at me she thought I was sick,
and I was, I was so terribly sick.
all I wanted to do was sleep, I just wanted time to go by, I just wanted to feel better.
the worst part is I knew you were a bad idea,
but I went for it anyway.
I wanted you anyway.

Please, stop being busy and just make time for me. Before I completely break from being lonely.

Don'bafraito opeuagain.

I promise not everyone will love you with a knife behind their back.

You've been a good
woman to the wrong

"No one is ever too busy, it's about priorities."

They don't realize how hard you ride for them until you park

thought of a really nice poem

in my head
like I usually do
but forgot to write it down

like I usually do
now I actually feel sad
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