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my sister is such a s.hitty human being.
like I'm not even going to dive into things
relating to me, I'm just going to dive into 
the thing that bugs me right now.

okay, march 20th, my friend (my sister's

"best friend") lost her baby girl. she was
three months old. she also lost her job
because the people at work were making
fun of her for her daughter dying. for a
week after the funeral, she kept asking 
my sister to hangout, because her fiance
was spending time with his dad who was
flown in from Florida for the funeral, and
she didn't want to be in the house where
her baby died all alone. my sister worked
some days, but on the day off that her best
friend specifically asked about, she lied
and said she had to work. all so she could
hangout with a boy, who is her boyfriend
now but wasn't at the time (and she was
with another guy to boot.) she blew off
her best friend, who had lost her three
month old baby, and was clearly having
a rough time (she still has the last diaper
she ever wore in a little shrine beside the
bed), to go cheat on her boyfriend (if you
count kissing as cheating) in a taco bell
parking lot. 

to add things in, my sister's boyfriend is

an army medic. he had to go to new york
for 2 weeks for training or something. my
sister's friend said she would be there for
her for the 2 weeks. my sister would always
say she was working. sweet gesture, right?
well that wasn't good enough for my sister,
no. she still made passive agressive facebook
statuses about her friend, because when they
hangout my sister always has to drive to her 
house because she has two other daughters
and she was un-employed with a gas hog
for a car. the friend called her out on it and 
my sister got defensive and ended up being
so immature and blocking her and all of that
high school crap. and then my sister played
the "you weren't there for me when Christian
was away and you said you would" and my
friend offered, almost everyday. so one day
I go real fed up with the trash talking and was
like "coming from someone that blew her
off to go cheat on Jesse when her f.ucking
baby died." and her only defense was "I was
there when she had the girls. I was the only
that has been there for the girls. I've been 
there since they were born" and I was like 
"yeah, but you weren't there when one of them
died and she needed you." and still her only
response to that is "shut up." like, am I the
only one that thinks she's a s.hit person?
It is not important how long we live but how well we Live. Add Meaning to your Life each day. -RVM 
This quote does not exist.
When you are casually scrolling through a page on Tumblr
and you find your own personal writing
with actual notes from where people have reblogged and shared it

a ton of times
I just saw this...I had no idea. People actually shared my own words
Like, in a way I am flattered because obviously my writing
 is good enough to be shared or to inspire people
but still
You may relate to my opinions and words, but you are not the one saying it and writing it
have a voice and I have a name
and my words are my own

unless you write too, you will not understand
I just try to do the best I can
I am not perfect
And I never was
And that is fine
no offence, izzy (crazyneoncolors/can you be my trophy*), but you're the dumbest person alive
When you cry when you are alone
and you really hurt
and you just cannot sleep
and you cannot dream and find some peace

and people
just have no clue
if you do not constantly break down in front of people or talk to people about it
they just assume you are okay
they have no idea 
If I am too complicated for you to understand

I really do not care
I just can't go on pretending like that
I am sorry but I can't love you back

And Thank you for turning my boring life into not so boring!
I am a really nice person

I just am very honest
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