Quotes added on Tuesday, June 2 2015

Some people can really think the world of you
even if you do not
some people can truly see a unique kind of beauty in you
even if you cannot
Most people do not realize

how much
I actually hurt
and what
I deal with

It is the times when I never expect a compliment
that the compliment means so much to me
I am so incredibly quiet

for all the noise
that exists in my head
it is just unrealistic

for people to expect you

to be okay all the time 
and never fall apart
you are allowed to fall apart
you are allowed to cry
sometimes people are silent

not because no one will talk to them
because they feel misunderstood
when they talk
never trust someone that claims they care nothing of what society thinks of them.
instead of conquering obstacles, they simply pretend they don't exist.


Maybe something looks like vanity, or selfishness to you

on the outside

maybe you just do not understand it

but if you look closer
you would realize
some problems are really about not feelingood enough

you will never understand a real problem

how much it affects someone
if ignorance clouds your ability 
to feel sympathy and understanding
for a person in pain   

i am hard to disgust,
but a pretentious poet can do it

sometimes we just need to get over the fact that not everyone is going to understand us and our points of view. most people can feel sympathy, but they can't always feel empathy because they haven't been in the same situation and we should accept that that's 100% okay. just because somebody can't understand or relate to your situation and your opinions, it doesn't make them stupid or ignorant and it doesn't make you more intelligent than them. people experience and understand different things. so don't be a dxck with a superiority complex, yeah?
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