Quotes added on Wednesday, June 3 2015

Sometimes it is easier for people to just judge or ignore a serious issue
than simply try to understand it
I am so excited that I am almost done with school!!!
Maybe someone you do not even know just thinks you are a really beautiful and unique person
not because of how you look
because of who you are and how you think
I will never sleep normally

my mind will not let me
when you're the victim, people
will try and convince everyone that
you're not, until even you believe it.

sometimes, people can just bother me

some people are so immature and naive
and I do not really need to even talk to them, for them to bother me
sometimes people can make themselves look really unflattering, like the kind person you just want to avoid
and they do not even realize it
With Inspiration, Liberation and Determination, you can reach any Destination.-RVM 
You can still be nice and considerate of other people even if you are not feeling okay some days
being unhappy is not an excuse for making other people feel bad, just because you do

Sometimes you can say a lot

with very few words

you had it figured out since you
were in school;

• Everybody loves pretty

• And everybody loves cool

So overnight, You look like
a 60's queen.


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