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He makes me feel so good inside and I love that feeling so so much.

So a friend of mine told me that you asked her if I had a crush on you. Does this mean your'e interested to? Does this mean anything?

I used to believe the less you reveal about yourself, the more people can wonder about you
but now I mostly believe the less you reveal about yourself, the less people can judge you

The sad part of it all is that I can't see him. I love him so much and I miss him every second of everyday. He knows about my feelings "apparently". I don't want to see other people, but I still love him so much and I always will. I just can't forget him. Everyday that passes I fall in love with him even more and I miss him so much. Instead of moving on I love him more and more and everyday I realize how much I want him. These feelings grow inside me everyday. I'm dying of missing him.

The reason why me and him have a strong and healthy relationship, it is because we both are always honest with each other. We communicate with eachother. We like to talk about endless things. The conversation does not matter whether it be gross, creepy, sad etc.. We make a bond that way. We made a promise to eachother that we would listen and comfort eachother when we need to be at our best. Always love, care, nurture and be there through thic and thin. We would be eachothers ride or die lovers.

I remember the second time we saw eachother. My feelings then were undescribable. I couldn't speak or do anything. I was just staring like an idiot.

I was passing by the 400th hall and that's where I saw him for the first time. In a crowded room our eyes would meet and there they would remain for a minute or so. My heart would pound, I would feel as light as air and I just felt super human. We had an amazing connection, the strongest I have ever felt and I miss him 2 years on. I never looked into anyones eyes and felt tears well up out of pure love. He was my soul mate, so emotionally linked and both understood each other in a heart beat.

I moved, and in reality, I still love him. Nothing has changed for me. There are times where it hits me real hard and I realize that I lost him and shortly afterwards start to experience severe panic attacks and depression. That infact, has ruined me and my life.

I love you to infinity and beyond.

If I found him again I can promise you I would give up everything just to hold him and love him for life.

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