Quotes added on Friday, June 5 2015

If people are curious about you, that is positive
If people just see something about you that is interesting, or endearing or beautiful
that is wonderful
if people actually stop to compliment you, or notice you in some way, or listen to you, or read your words, or listen to your voice, and understand you
it means
they find you interesting
but even if people do find you interesting
if you are insecure
you will never really understand it
and this is my problem
I don't know why I am thinking too much about everything. Please someone help me.. Please help me to get out of it ..anyone
you can be really disrespectful to people

even if you believe you are not

your actions can seriously hurt other people
even if you believe your actions are harmless

I feel


I will never be

who I used to be
I feel like
I lost
that person

If no one makes an effort to help you
then you either remain in your same situation
or you make an effort to help yourself in some way
because helplessness
is not cute
its very sad
and its unfair
and it is not beautiful
if no one tells me they are proud of me or that I am important and loved
I listen to a song or read a quote that reminds me
Sometimes quiet is violent
The Richest person is not the Happiest person, the Happiest person is the Richest person. -RVMʉۻ
Do you ever read really lovely words

and say

Beautiful. I wish I could write like that
I do not
Because I already can write beautifully

But I still admire ot
her people's work 
One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Finally things are going to be getting a bit more exciting! Tomorrow the next leg of the tour starts! Louis flew back to the UK (like I figured he would). Harry spent the day with Nick Grimshaw. Liam and Niall weren't seen as far as I know.

Tomorrow's Tour Info: Finally get to start this segment up again! The boys' will be in Cardiff, Wales at Millennium Stadium!

Rumors: Okay so as some of you may have heard, there is a rumor going around based off some artcle in the Sun about the boys taking a break or splitting up after the tour and the album. Nothing is 100% confirmed. But according to this article (if it is true at all) the boys will be taking a break (NOT breaking up) after the tour and the album is out. This does not mean that the band is not together anymore, it would just mean a year or so of no touring and no new music. They have been busy non stop for the past 5 years. This would give them a chance to work on independent projects and other things they want to do in their personal lives. It would not be a break up or an end to the band, just some time away. Many groups go on hiatus for a bit and then come back stronger than ever. It in no way means their career is over. Plus, the real facts haven't even come out yet. I will definitely post more when they do!

Links: Louis at LAX today: 
Harry with Nick today: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CGtFFA4XIAIulSb.jpg
More of Harry with Nick: https://twitter.com/1D_Updates_EU/status/606619386707902464
Here are the links for part 1 & 2 of an interview Harry had with Ryan Seacrest today: https://twitter.com/1Dfau_au/status/606665413175451648
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