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    When people tell me that I'll wake up in the morning & regret what I'm doing, I sleep till noon.
Whenever I look at you, I forget everything I was going to say.
I can suddenly listen to an old song I used to really love
and just forgot about
and it is like it takes a whole new meaning to me
like I still find it beautiful or deep or meaningful
but because I am different now
and my problems are so all consuming and awful

it takes away my ability to find joy in life 

the song still sounds beautiful
but it sounds different
because I am now a different person
I am not free or really happy anymore
in a way I used to be

and music was just music

you listened to for fun

not just to distract yourself

so you do not feel alone
My eyes 

and my silence

and these words
I write down
say things more clearly
than my actual voice

ever can
no one may be talking to you
but it does not mean they do not see you

or care
People who choose to follow you on social media
are actually really important
they are choosing 
to see something interesting about you
and they want to follow you
and it means a lot
because most people do not personally know you
so I appreciate people
who follow me
and you should appreciate your followers too
even if you never speak

if you do not try at all  
then you already gave up
~ Survey ~
1. What is your middle name? - Lauren
2. How old are you? Between 16 and 18
3. When is your birthday? - January 20th
4. What is your zodiac sign? - Aquarious/Capricorn
5. What is your favourite colour? - Black and red
6. What's your lucky number? - don't have one :p
7. Do you have any pets? - 1 dog 1 cat
8. where are you from? - Australia
9. How tall are you? - 159 cm or 5'2
10. What shoe size are you? - 8 to 11 (varies with diffeent shoes)
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? - 10? I think...
12. What was your last dream about? - Don't remember
13. What talents do you have? - drawing and writing... photoshop
14. Are you psychic in any way? - I have dreams about things that happen the next day sometimes... does that count?
15. Favourite song? - Too many to choose from XD
16. Favourite movie? - at the moment it would have to be... Treasure Planet
17. Who would be your ideal partner? - someone with humour, good looks, caring and taller than me
18. Do you want children? - Yes
19. Do you want a church wedding? - Yes and No
20. Are you religious? - Yes I'm catholic
21. Have you ever been in a hospital? - With injuries no for someone else then yes
22. Have you ever gotten in trouble with the law? - Nope
23. Have you ever met any celebrities? - Haha lol no! In my dreams XD
24. Bath or showers? - Showers
25. What colour socks are you wearing? - Grey with pink polka dots
26. Have you ever been famous? - lol no
27. Would you like to be a big celebrity? - Nah
28. What kind of music do you like? - Rock
29. Have you ever been skinny dipping? - Nope
30. How many pillows do you sleep with? - four sometimes five
31. What position do you usually sleep in? - Fetus position (curled up like a cat)
32. How big is your house? - average
33. What do you typically have for breakfast? - Cereal
34. Have you ever fired a gun? - do video games count? XD In real life no.
35. Have you ever tried archery? - Hella Yeah!
36. Favourite clean word? - Jerkweed
37. Favourite swear word? - The F word
38. What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep? - pretty long
39. Do you have any scars? - yes
40. Have you ever had a secret admirer? - Yeah...
41. Are you a good liar? - maybe ;)
42. Are you a good judge of character? - again maybe ;)
43. Can you do any other accents other than your own? - yeah. I think five or six
44.Do you have a strong accent? - not really
45. What is your favourite accent? - British or Irish
46. What is your personality type? - humorous, sarcastic, lazy
47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing? - Jumper
48. Can you curl your tongue? - haha lol nope
49. Are you an innie or an outie? - innie
50. Left or right handed? - right handed
51. Are you scared of spiders? -The big ones yes!
52. Favourite food? - Food!!!
53. Favourite foreign food? - you can't expect me to answer this question XD
54. Are you a clean or mess person? - I can be both but mainly messy
55. Most used phrase? - swearing
56. Most used word? - don't have one
57. How long does it take for you to get ready? - not very long around five minutes
58. Do you have much of an ego? - nope
59. Do you suck or bite a lollipop? - Both
60. Do you talk to yourself? - Yup
61. Do you sing to yourself? - yeah
62. Are you a good singer? - haha no
63. Biggest fear? Clowns and the dark
64. Are you a gossiper? nah
65. Best dramatic movie you've ever seen? - I don't watch drama
66. Do you like long or short hair? - both
67. Can you name all 50 states of America? - nope
68. Favourite school subject? - Digital Media and History
69. Extrovert or introvert? - I can be both :p
70. Have you ever been scuba diving? - nah
71. What makes you nervous? - oral presentations
72. Are you scared of the dark? - hella yeah I am!!!
73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes? - sometimes
74. ARe you ticklish? - yes
75. Have you ever started a rumor? - nope
76. Have you ever been in a position of authority? - no
77. Have you ever drank underage? - nope
78. Have you ever done drugs? - god no!
79. WHo was your first real crush? - Not telling you!
80. How many piercings do you have? - Two
81. Can you roll your Rs? - yeah
82. How fast can you type? - pretty fast. I can also type without looking XD
83. How fast can you run? - haha I don't run
84. What colour is your hair? - brown
85. What colour are your eyes? - changes from blue to green to grey with yellow in the middle depending on the weather
86. What are you allergic to? School and Glen 20
87. Do you keep a journal? - yes
88. What do your parents do? - none of your business
89. Do you like your age? - Yes
90. What makes you angry? - people and slow internet, people who walk slow in front of me
91. Do you like you own name? - Yeah
92. Have you alreay thought of baby names and if so what are they? - Yes I have. (For a girl) Skyla, Shayna,
93. Do you want a boy or a girl for a child? - either one will be nice
94. what are your strengths? - sarcasm, artistic things
95. What are your weaknesses? - a lot of things
96. How did you get your name? - Idk Idc
97. Were your ancestors royalty? nah brah
98. Do you have any scars? - Yes
99. Colour of your bedspread? - it has more than one
100. Colour of your room? - It's a creamy white kind of colour  XD
your voice matters

even if 

no one 


to listen
And that mask became so easy to put on,
it seemed to come and go without much thought, didn't it?
And how easily your skin became a
tight, prickly form of shame that you were sewn into.
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