Quotes added on Friday, June 5 2015

when I read something written so wonderfully
and I relate to it so much

I just want to thank the brave person who actually wrote it
many people are too afraid to actually express themselves or think for themselves
the ones who do are very remarkable and courageous people, in my mind
I wrote three different poems last night, and I did not really sleep 
have so much poetry and writing saved as notes in my phone, its kind of crazy

but I love it
Seems like if you post a cute or positive quote, or a quote that compliments someone or a nice, simple poem or quote that is really short, people always notice and like it
I notice more people always favorite my poetry over my quotes....weird
But if you post a quote that is a basic fact or it tells the truth, and you actually have to really think about it to understand it, and its not exactly nice and sweet, but blunt and straightforward and often talks about something serious or important
no one really wants to hear it
if it is not cute and happy and simple
I am scared of losing you but then again you're not even mine
combined with a lack of empathy or an inability to empathize with someone
a person I absolutely want to avoid
we are neither on good terms nor bad. we are no longer anything
sometimes you just need to be told you will be okay

and reminded you are loved

and not alone
“i think that the world should be full of cats and full of rain,
that's all,
just cats and rain,
rain and cats,
very nice,
good night.”

-Charles Bukowski

“-quality lasts
-dressing poorly calls attention to your clothes. dressing well does not
-better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. who knows what the day will bring? if you wind up meeting the duchess of cambridge, frieda pinto or the cardinal of chicago-or get taken to a hospital emergency room-do you want to be a well-dressed man in a blazer, or some guy wearing an artic monkeys suck it and see t-shirt?
-dress for the job you want, not the one you have
-if you wear solid colours for a photograph, you won't cringe when you see yourself years later
-there's usually a reason something is on sale"

I got so many Beautiful Things to tell you my queen you so tender I surrender to you in the center of my heart is your name written in all black but i will never slack! so here I am baby so crazy showing my love to you through art from my heart
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