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One Direction Update

Hey guys! Sorry again for missing updates. It's been a busy week! But thankfully it wasn't a busy couple of days for the boys! Niall has been golfing and Liam was out with Sophia. Other than that, they haven't really been seen.

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have their next show in Vienna, Austria at Ernst Happel Stadion.

In other news, I was thinking of bringing back an old segment I used to do a year or so ago. It was This Day Last Year. Basically if something interesting happened last year or a couple years before on a particular day, I'll talk about it and maybe post a picture. I'll probably be starting this soon so I hope you guys like it!

Rumors: None

Links: Niall with Danny Jones from McFly yesterday when golfing: 
Liam and Sophia at Sainsbury's yesterday: https://twitter.com/Go1DenUpdates/status/607919222111485952

What if the princess
wants to be with Bowser
but Mario keeps kidnapping her


I'm the type of person to not text you back
but post a picture on Instagram, tweet &
go on Snapchat and watch ya story. I just
don't care.

I just encountered a spider bigger
than my desire to be the man of the
This quote does not exist.
Me: What's the difference between a toilet and a fridge?
Friend: I don't know
Me: You're disgusting.
Ilove my systah;
She sucha wytche!!!
Ilove bloodsystah!!
My sucha BYTCHHH!¿¡
We salute the Brain, that made the Plane and the Train…But who made the Brain?-RVM
Perfect Your Daily Success Routine. The Secret of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine. Develop a rhythm to your life. Sit down and make your personal list of daily activities. Link each task to a specific time or day to be performed.
Pinpoint Your Life-Purpose. Great habits are the results of great purpose. Your sense of purpose will always motivate you to develop the habits that will bring you success and prosperity.
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