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One Direction Update
Hey everyone! Hope you guys are all having a great week! Tonight the boys had a show in Vienna, Austria! Harry had mentioned that they would be singing new songs but unfortunately they didn't! When will they get this show on the road?

For the new segment "This Day In 1D History" I'm going to be posting a nightly link to a Tumblr by the same name. I do not run the Tumblr but I really like it and want to share it with you. All the credit for it goes to the person who runs it. But here's June 10th: 

Rumors: None

Links: The boys on stage tonight: 
More of the boys on stage tonight: https://twitter.com/CaliTracking1D/status/608809598959534080

The price payed is higher than marked
"The price for our sins," they exclaim, "is more than expected!"
But what did you think would happen
When dealing with the Devil
You thought he just wanted your soul
But that was just the down payment
The real entertainment is making a life living hell
And tossing out small glimpes of heaven
As constant reminders of what you lost

hi everyone how are you im back in witty after two years 
Thanks for my followers love you all.i came back for you all because All we do is support each other whenever we need
Imissed witty very muc
Witty is there for me whener i need the most
From now on i will be up dating frequently
suscess is not complete without a faliure 

The long night,
This infernal winter
Nothing will last
Not even the fires
The end is here
And its nothing
Like the hell
We imagine

Have a Blast; Life won’t last! Make the Best of  the Journey before it is over! -RVM 

Lately I've been replacing you
With memories of happier days.

Tell the world that we finally got it all right—
i   c h o o s e   y o u .


one of my best friends came out to me the other day. it was adorable that she still was a little apprehensive about it when i had literally known for two years.
girl, i'm your best friend. you really think someone spends that much time around you and doesn't notice?
jfc. you nerd. i literally had it figured out before you did, what were you nervous for? xD

very good thing about the women is they always forgive you 
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