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"I asked myself, "why am I not worth fighting for?"
"Why is it so easy to leave me?"
"Why have I never been told that I'm needed?"
"Why isnt it easy to love me?"
And then...I looked in the mirror,
and understood why.
Because I saw the beast behind these pretty eyes"
This quote does not exist.
If people that are from America are called Americans, then what do you call people that are from the United States?
apparently it's been like a week since
I've been on, lol, whoops. s.hit has been 
cray. like omg, my life is like "yaaa-booo-
aaaay-ooooo?" literally all the time.
"these violent delights have violent ends, and, in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume.

— romeo and juliet (act ii, scene six)


Goals for High School

• Become a Junior Marshal.

• Graduate as valedictorian or salutatorian.

• Get accepted to Duke and/or Wake.

• Wrack up those scholarships.

• Graduate with straight A’s.

• Graduate from Beta club.

• Breathe. Breathe.

• Successfully mentor the next business manager in yearbook. They’ve got big shoes to fill. Don’t forget your first year.

• Soften the social anxiety.

• Drink more water.

• Make a bomb senior recognition ad.

• Keep the squad together.

• Forgive the ones who hurt you.

• Accept the losses when they inevitably come,

• And move on.

• Lastly, keep the bangs.

• (They look good on you.)

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aspire not to have more,

but to be more.

Life is like a piano.
White keys represent happiness.
Black keys represent sadness.
But as you go through life,
you must remember that even the black keys
will still make
music .

when the history of the world will be written, I will stand there tall, and order another beer
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