Quotes added on Sunday, June 14 2015

Today I was told to TRUST WITH YOUR HEART NOT WITH YOUR HEAD but what happens when my head does not know what my heart wants, then what?.
Do I just go along with the flow
or take a chance to end this all
which path do I take
please help me for Gods sake
i cannot do this on my own
quickly for now its dawn
"don't pull away, 'cause I'm afraid you'll leave me, I turn to you, you're all that I need, my everything"
I'm so mentally drained.

I slept for twelve hours today, and I couldn't wake up all day. I had some coffee, then I took a nap, how is that possible? is that normal?
This quote does not exist.
you pierce my heart, its useless
i don't even really need it
it belongs to nobody other than you
This quote does not exist.

all i want is,
and all i need is
 to find somebody.
i'll find somebody like you.
I don't want to be scared to love you but I'm worried if I trust you too much then you will leave
it's gonna take a long time to love
it's gonna take a lot to hold on
it's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah
left in the pieces that you broke me into
torn apart but now I've got to
keep on rolling like a stone
cause it's gonna be a long long way to happy
getting friendzoned by someone who you thought liked you
is probably the worst feeling

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