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Chat and without knowin' the person on mirc is not there and.woofer is blastin'
*bkit ganon, minsan nlng magcryoso d k p cnryso! minsan k nlng magmahal d kp mahal ng taong mahal mo at higit sa lahat minsan m nlng maramdaman 2 manhid pa ang taong napili mo!*

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
―Lao Tzu

One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I really don't have much to update on today. I believe all of the boys are in the UK but I don't think any of them were seen today. Harry was apparently at a family charity event in Holmes Chapel.

This Dayin 1D History: 

In addition to that I would just like to say that today is also my 3 year anniversary of doing this update! I just want to say thank you to those of you who read it and thanks to Katie for helping me. I know I don't always get on quite as often as I did in the old days, but I try my best! It has truly been a pleasure! 

Rumors: There were a couple things going around Twitter about Zayn coming back to the band. Something about 1D's website still having him on it. Whether he's on there on not, I honestly don't think he is coming back. At least not in any neary future. I think it's just peoples' wishful thinking. 

No links today. 

To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.
― Valerie Lombardo
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                   it's just  one of those things
                                                I KNOW I'M NEVER REALLY GOING TO
                                                                        ←GET OVER.→    

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