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the butterflies turned to dust that covered  m y   w h o l e   r o o m .

you really wanna know?  t h i n k   y o u   c a n   b e a r   i t ?    

let's t a l k about how insanely terrifying it is to realise that your sexual/romantic orientation isn't the norm you're supposed to be, shall we?

let's t a l k about how much it hurts when your heart clenches up because your dark-skinned daughter wishes she were white? (she's seven

let's t a l k about the way you grit your teeth every time someone makes a joke about what could have been on your autopsy three years ago.

let's t a l k about giving up on what you want most in life. let's discuss how deeply, overwhelmingly, and all-consumingly that hurts.

let's t a l k about feeling, genuinely believing, that you will never be loved. that you never should be. that you don't deserve it. that it's just wrong.

you wouldn't be so eager to take a walk in someone else's shoes if you knew how much their feet bled. please stop romanticising our pain. 

i'm not sure i believe in love.
                                                  i don't think i do anymore.


worst part is you got itch and you cant do it in public

Your mind is like water, my friend. When it is aggitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle... the answer becomes clear.

my list of loves in june
perspective. salt water. bruises. pale mornings. words. my eyes. no angels by bastille. velocirapters. dark rooms. goodbyes. parched lips. navy. dim sunlight. the cold. soil. iwaoi. clean by taylor swift. winter. tongue piercings. rest. pompeii by bastille. volleyball. cheekbones. chocolate strawberries. solitude (loneliness). collarbones. veins. the friends who wanted to stay. sharp teeth. rain. ponytails. silence. pacific rim. the smell of coffee. shoulders. black ink. "you got the makings of greatness in you". clannad. underground by murakami. singing. deep slow sighs. slowing down. walking on. posture. accepting that i'd never see him again. letting myself dream. bites and scratches. next to me by emili sande. interstellar. strong hands and steady bones. better than i know myself by adam lambert. walking barefoot. accepting that it hurts. the willingness to heal. bravery. self-awareness. exploration. getting those confessions out of my system. heavy eyelids. grey. crows. and strength.


they'll find you next to me.


This place is my safe haven

i don't want you,
i need you

- six word stories
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