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Blood's getting hotter,
Body's getting colder,
I don't wanna die,
so you're gonna have to.

I always had this thought and I really want to share it with you.


You have a thought, a brilliant thought but u need something more to make that thought happen.
And that thought you have could change the world, could even evolve humanity but it wont happen, because you'll never find a solution to complete that thought, to make it happen.
But in the other side of the world, an unknown person, just like you, has other thought, that united with yours, would make that ideia happen.
The problem is that you'll never meet that person, even though you both have the acess to internet and can express your thoughts online, you'll never get to that person.

Doesn't it make you feel some type of way?..
Pretty soon the only place you will be able to buy a Confederate flag will be the b1ack market.

Oh the irony.

 Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.
One Direction Update

Hey guys! So right as I type the boys are on stage in Seattle! It's roughly 10 PM as of now where they are. Then tomorrow they get the day off and Friday they are in Canada!

This Day In 1D History: 

Rumors: There are still no updates on the Louis rumor. Nobody credible has confirmed or denyed it yet.

Links: Like I said before because of timezones I'll have links to the west coast concerts tomorrow. But I did find this. The boys dedicated DFWYB to Zayn: 
The road of life can only reveal itself as it is traveled; each turn in the road reveals a surprise.
we are what we believe we are. So, don't believe in bad things because thats to creat yourself in bad image.


My grandpa fixes cars, old ones and new ones.
I used to stare in awe, on how every car was
fixed to be like it always newly made and good.
I loved how our love was like a car driven at night.

It was the nice breeze, that came out of your mouth
that hit my neck. Your smile was like a million dollar
ticket, to happiness. How my arms struggle to wrap
around your torso, or how my hands begin to sweat

as i hold your hand, because I am very nervous.
Those kisses against my lips feels like my heart
beating my chest inside like a drum, bang bang.
Reccently, I was prescribed as depressed. 

No one pays attention to those old cars, no one 
usually wants to fix those old cars. I was one of those
old cars. Depressed I would, put a smile on my 
face. So, they would pay attention to me. A car 

that's slowly falling apart, how do you tell people,
it feels like depression is my roommate? That,
every day, is just going to be a struggle to fix myself.
That I was never an expert on fixing myself, or a car.

Knowing my love one, might never understand.
Might understand, that I feel and think that,
they need better. Every day, is the same; I am
at the brink of crying to tell my love one, don't leave me.

I am like an old car, fixable or unfixable. He leaves,
as I drive to push him away. He did walk away, I
still am the little girl who stares at awe at those cars 
being fixed. To never know, I am going to be like those cars.

If you canā€™t write, you can still talk, right.
Gloomy ones must learn to light the Fire of Inspiration – the Spark that will clear the Dark within.-RVM
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