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"The difference between what they said through their job ad and what they had upon selection as Ability, Skill and Knowledge in an incumbent,
shows the same variance on his productivity with its cascading effect on the overall performance of the system
and the same will reflect in the disparity between What They Commit and What They Deliver on part of their goods and services quality."
~Anuj Somany
Today might be difficult


Tommorow It will be easy ride

Say you're sorry
that face of an angel
comes out just when
you need it to.

She's got broken things
Where her heart should be

I would love it if any of you would check out my story on Wattpad. 
My story is The Misconcieved Life of the Patholocal Liar.
what do you girls think of a guy that is good with kids?
What specific thing can a guy do to make your knees weak?
Why do you feel the need to be correct most of the time?
Why do you girls overanalyze things when our (guy's) intention are sincere?
why do girls feel the need to go shopping all the time when they have a gazillon clothes in their closet when they dont even wear about 1/3 of them?
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