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“Here's what's not beautiful about it: from here, you can't see the rust or the cracked paint or whatever, but you can tell what the place really is. You can see how fake it all is. It's not even hard enough to be made out of plastic. It's a paper town. I mean, look at it, Q: look at all those culs-de-sac, those streets that turn in on themselves, all the houses that were built to fall apart. All those paper people living in their paper houses, burning the future to stay warm. All the paper kids drinking beer some bum bought for them at the paper convenience store. Everyone demented with the mania of owning things. All the things paper-thin and paper-frail. And all the people, too. I've lived here for eighteen years and I have never once in my life come across anyone who cares about anything that matters.” 
― John GreenPaper Towns
One Direction Update


Hey guys! And Happy Five Year Anniversary to our wonderful boys! I can't believe it's been five years since their dream came true! I just want to thank the boys for being such great role models over these five years. We as fans could never ask for better people to be fans of. Here's to five awesome years and hopefully five more! (And even more than that!)

So today even though it's their anniversary, the boys weren't really up to that much. They are in Chicago now. Harry was seen out at the Soho house today. Niall was golfing as usual. Louis and Liam weren't really seen today.

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have a show in Winipeg, Manitoba in Canada! It's at Investor's Group Field!

This Day In 1D History: Obviously something very important happened today. But here's the full list over the years as usual! http://thisdayin1dhistory.tumblr.com/post/124828012124/this-day-in-1d-history-july-23

Rumors: None

Links: The boys on stage the other night: https://twitter.com/1DScoop/status/623757220321177600
Another from on stage the other night: https://twitter.com/1DScoop/status/623832838119534592
Niall and Louis with a fan at the airport yesterday: https://twitter.com/1DFAMlLY/status/623865813674672129
The boys tweets today for the anniversary: https://twitter.com/pantiesdroppin/status/624338837561454592
Niall golfing today: https://twitter.com/1DUpdatesARG_/status/624400500025348096
Harry at Soho House in Chicago: https://twitter.com/BestHarryClose/status/624409505577762816
If you want feels watch this: https://twitter.com/WeUpdate1DFans/status/624414365735895040
They say grief is an ocean measures in waves and currents,
rocking and tossing you about like a boat stranded in the middle
of the deep. But this is not true. Grief is a dull blade against
the skin of your soul. It takes its time doing its work. Grief will
slowly drive you crazy, until you try to sever yourself like some
kind of wounded animal caught in a trap. You'd rateher maim 
yourslef and be free.

But you'll never be free because you'll always remember.

-there will come a time
just give me something
make me feel something


Your eyes widen as you've seen the world like a snow globe,
fall from your hands. Slowly colliding onto the ground,
I look at the side of your face, pain held back on your face,
tightened pursed lips. I reached for your hand, linked hands
like chains on your wrists, holding you back when you wanted

to be free from all the pain, surrounding you. Your arms went
limp, the only feeling I could share with you, was the friction
between our hands. Creating fire, that would only soon hurt
the both of us. But I held your hand anyway, continued to be 
there. Even if it'll kill me towards the end, I would turn my

eyes downwards, to your broken world on the ground. Pieces,
and shards of glass stood still on the floor. You fingers felt cold,
against mine; a feeling that was always heated as we kept body
contact. I had to go, letting go of your hand. I turned to the per-
son who look entirely the same as me, as if we were mirrors.
"Goodbye," I whispered;

to the girl who I used to know, held back by chains on her wrists,
held back by her own fears with their very own spears.

The funny thing I've learned about Exes are, they see you flying high after the breakup and they don't like that, so they try to re enter your life to make you crash and burn. Don't. Fall for it. It is a trap.

Silence is the fence around wisdom!!
If your foot slips,
You can always regain your balance..
But if your tongue slips,
You can never recall the words…
So think before saying anything in anger.
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

If I was just another girl,
that i'm not over you.
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I wanna feel passion, I wanna feel pain .
I wanna weep at the sound
of your name

There is nothing more galling to angry people than the coolness of those on whom they wish to vent their spleen.
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