Quotes added on Saturday, August 8 2015

Since I haven't been on in over a year in a half, I just wanted to say hello to my lovely, fellow Wittians :)

Now, it is time to try to figure out if the same things are still as cool as they used to be 
Learn to surrender, because sometimes, when there is no way, surrender is the way. -RVM
You two are dancing in a snowglobe
round and round
And he keeps the picture of you
in his office downtown.
And you understand now
why they lost their minds
and fought the wars,
and why I've spent my whole
life trying to put it into
Going back to the corner
where I first saw you
gonna camp in my sleeping bag
I'm not gonna move
You sat down next to me
and I think I forgot
how to breathe.
Okay, time to log out.
See y'all in another 18 months
i hate going to the dentist. i already know the drill.
the songs on the radio are okay but my taste in music is your face
losing my mind trying to stay on yours
nobody pines for the listener
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