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We all have favorites, and he's mine.
I just can't explain this new feeling.

I'm sorry I wasn't
what you wanted.
When the children of Israel were about to cross the Jordan, the Lord spoke to Joshua to tell the people to prepare themselves, because it was going to be a great miracle; it was going to be a different kind from what they had known in the days of Moses. Moses had to stretch forth his hand over the waters of the Red Sea, and God sent a strong wind to split the sea wide open.

But when Joshua got to the River Jordan, he didn't have to stretch his hands over the waters or reach for the rod of Moses. He sent the Priests ahead of him and all they did was to step into the water, and the Jordan opened up for the people to walk through on dry ground. It was a new day! Nevertheless, God told them to prepare.


maybe you left
because you finally
saw me the way
I see myself.
There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you are the one that will change theirs.
Once you feel avoided by someone, never disturb them again. Because the one who think that you are disturbing them, will never know how much you care for them.
I think one of the best feelings in the world is when someone remembers something you said.Whether it was something from yesterday,a week ago, a month ago...Its just like, "Wow, you actually listen to me."
We are very good at preparing to live, but not very good at living. We know how to sacrifice ten years for a diploma, and we are willing to work very hard to get a job, a car, a house, and so on. But we have difficulty remembering that we are alive in the present moment, the only moment there is for us to be alive.
but once in a while when you find someone iridescent nothing will ever compare.
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