Quotes added on Thursday, August 27 2015

I was in a dark place, for a really
long time. and graduating to a dull
place was an improvement. and I'd
like to think I was in a place that had
a little bit of glimmer. and today? I 
didn't just lose my glimmer. I wasn't
just bumped back to the dull. I was
shoved back into the dark. when I 
hit my car I couldn't breathe. a few
minutes down the road, I had to
pullover. I cried like a baby for 15 
minutes in the grocery store's lot.
it wasn't about the job, or losing the
job. it was how I was spoken to. I
was basically called worthless to
my face and all I could do is cry.
you have no idea how happy you make me and how glad I am that we've made it through everything that was meant to tear us apart. I love you, so much. ❤️

Dislocated, I lie awake
Suffocating in my mistakes.
I lost my halo when I fell from grace,
But maybe next time I won't throw it all away.

When a writer falls in love with you, then you will never die.
I fell in love with anything self destructive.

I love wasting my time with you

When you end up spending all your piercing money on pizza
I'm afraid that every time we date, I'm just a filler girlfriend for him
I'm scared that this is a joke to you..I'm scared you don't realise how much this would actually break me if it's all a lie
It's 4am
you're sleeping

I'm crying
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