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"I love you," is enough
I just want to disappear for a little while
I never knew I could feel so comfortable around another person until I met you. You make my life so much better without even trying and I'm so glad the little miracle in my belly is ours. I love you, Justin Young Rudolph.
What if miracles fell like rain drops on your window? Or if a simple kiss was all it took to make him see what's real?
"Stupids enjoy life the most for they can never realise the value of the precious things lost & the life is hardest to the wisest for his thoughts often do not go down well easily with the opinion of the rest."
~Anuj Somany

No one cares much about the the what and only a few care to know about the how. But everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to know the why.

*Changes into something red.*




Her cheeks are aching from smiling so hard, but she can't help that you make her feel this way. She's dressed in white and you're in a tight tux, surrounded by everyone that you love. You both fight back happy tears and she makes her way down the aisle, you whisper an 'I love you' and her waterproof mascara almost gives out. You wipe tears off her cheek and bite your lip as you look across at hers. You both hate all this fluffy and mushy stuff and can't wait to fast forward to the venue, but here's to tradition and the kiss is almost coming up. You both recite your vows as if you've spent your whole lives memorising them and it's time to lean in and become Mr and Mrs. The kiss flies by and so does the venue. Sooner or later you wake up but it's not the next morning...it's back to school season and the kids are all up making a ruckus in the kitchen. You both exchange tired looks before shuffling out of bed down stairs to start the hectic day. It doesn't fly by like the honeymoon, no it drags on and on. But when it's finally over and the two of you are tucked away in bed together, time slows right down, and it's almost as if she's in that white dress and your stuck in that tight tux, surrounded by everyone that you love.

I deserve someone who actually gives a fück about me because I've spent my entire life making other people happy when all they did was leave.
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