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Oh I almost forgot I had a Witty=_= I was so Busy I forgot about it. Now I am BACK C: Hope more Ppl are Active now, Out here. Peace out
I can't help loving you more than is good for me; I shall feel all the happier when I see you again. I am always conscious of my nearness to you; your presence never leaves me. In you I have a measure for every women and for everyone ; in your love a measure for all that is to be.
I will cover you by love when I next see you;with caresses, with ecstasy. I want to gorge you will all the joys of the flesh so that you faint and die. I want you to be amazed by me and confess to yourself that you have never dreamed of such transport.
You Don't Need A Reason To Help Others.
You Just Need A Heart And A Helping Soul :)
"NEGATIVE PEOPLE run their life engine on the fuel supply of FAKE PRAISES & FALSE PROMISES and thrive. A POSITIVE PERSON can drive them off & out by just cutting down this supply chain pipeline."
~Anuj Somany


Tough times suck in a relationship but its inevitable. Dont give up and make it work because if you really love someone you will always find a way.

"CLASSES differentiate themselves from MASSES by the yardstick of mental prowess standard than by the monetary power status. A TRUE LEADER hails from the classes and OTHERS belong to the masses."
~Anuj Somany
If you really wanted to,
you could you know.

And all you have to do is try.
Trust me, it's better than regretting it when you're about to die.

Math, chemistry and physics I get.
but you..you're impossible to understand,
and even harder to forget.

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