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I'm getting worse & you don't even know it.


" be strong, please dont leave me, please dont die "

I whispered to my....
Wifi connection....
person: ARE YOU CRYING?.
person: TO WHAT?.
me: TO LIFE.
School is such a hassle
Hi guys i know a lot of you probably dont log on anymore but hello, i forgot about witty so didnt cone on in like 2 years lol at me, anyway
im not great but im surviving, im greatful for the family and boyfriend i have and i hope i can cheer people up idk lol.
schools just started back and im swamped already, im eating an awful lot lol too much but that doesnt matter, idk im sorry i need friends i feel so isolated all the time like i dont really fit in anywhere, someone talk thanks bye x


And honey you can't see it now but it's just round this corner. Just get past this sharp turn and avoid that impending cliff face that rocks you to the core. Take in one last long and shaky breath, and come on and make us proud.

Forget fat and ugly. Boring is the worst insult anyone can throw at you. And it cuts twice as deep when it comes from someone you thought was your friend. Because, you know, that's the person that isn't supposed to make you feel stupid.

No one is born smart. Smart people work hard to achieve those grades. You may be working just as hard and not getting the results you want, but that doesn't mean you get to put her down. She doesn't deserve that.

And I'd never ever thought that I would say I'm afraid of the life that I've made
You may hold my hand for a while ,but you hold my heart forever

We were both so tired and exhausted. Both on the verge of tears after fighting so long, I almost called it a quits. But then, those words left your lips. You said you loved me. You said you missed me and you said you didn't want me to go. You said I was your soulmate and that you wanted to come home to me every night, for the rest of your life — I cried an ugly cry that night, but you said I looked beautiful. You said a lot of things that night. But I'll never forget the tight embrace we shared. It was innocent, and it was clingy and fearful, but it was love.

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