Quotes added on Saturday, September 19 2015

guess who got into Metal Gear Solid V ????
 It was I, and you're gosh darn right I'm gonna cosplay child Psycho Mantis 
In all his peach colored-hair glory

In constant need of affection

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”
― Kahlil Gibran
When he has a single drink..
his true feelings show.

we could dance to trap rap music and kiss while we do it 

men always act like im so mean to them but actually they just always expect women to pretend to like them which is something i stopped doing 
Y'all knew what i was capable of so y'all took everything from me, held me back, but now I'm gonna take what is rightfully mine and nothing's gonna stop me

Boy, don't pretend you want easy. If you did, you wouldn't be holding on this tight.

You never know, if you never try, so forgive your past and simply be mine!

I've asked myself many times, and thought about whether I'd let you in if you ever asked. I've always leaned to saying yes. But now that I see you for what you are. It's a definite no. No, I will not let you in.

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