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squats? ohhh, i thought you said "lets do shots"
People who want More must first have the Courage to Walk out of the Door. -RVM
If I Were in A Room with a Frog Sitting Beside Me, My Crush will Choose the Frog over Me .__. ;__;
The way you walk,
way you talk,
way you say my name;
Is beautiful, wonderful- Don't you ever change!


Thank you, Ma. I love you so!

I love your smile, and I thank you for passing it onto me, even though it doesn't look as good when I wear it. I love your humour and charisma. I love how you care and how you teach me to be kind. I love you because you only want good for me and because you love me unconditionally. I know I drive you up the wall sometimes..and even just writing that I know it's still such an understatement. The truth is I'm a wreck. I'm a ball of stress and anxiousness, and I rarely make sense. But you love me, and thinking about it now, that too doesn't make sense.

Truth be told I have no idea what I'm doing. I tell myself I'm strategising, but I'm really just afraid of not doing good enough.

Can I fast forward to the part where I win at life already? Or..


Play it back and press rewind, to when you traced your fingers, drew my spine
Her mindset will raise your children not her body and good looks. Choose wisely.
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