Quotes added on Monday, September 21 2015

I am So Ugly that I can Get the First Prize for "The Ugliest Living Thing Alive" .__.
Even The Most Saddest Song is Hundred Times Happier Than Me ,__,

Come cuddle with me.
I literally have no voice. Will honey fix this for me for 8 hours? I guess we'll find out!
I think there are 5 reasons why relationships end. . -Lack of intimacy. If someone is in a long distance relationship then they will crave physical contact with the one they love. For some, this becomes not enough . -Lack of emotional connection. If a couple don't understand each other then theres a lack of engaging conversation and most importantly lack of trust and respect -Change of personality. If a person changes for better or worse, the significant other might not like the change and see them differently . -someone else. Obviously if someone is interested in someone who's not there partner its going to affect things . -Lies. This links to emotional connection but obviously once a liar is caught, its hard to trust them again
I want to know the truth. Not the dismissive bullsh*t.
So can you, you know not be a two-faced b*tch just to save your reputation of being one of the nicest person people know
In death, everybody becomes a "angel". No one wants to disrespect the dead or think bad about someone they cared about so no one tells the truth
The thing with being neutral in friends arguments, is that everyone thinks its fine to talk bad about the other person in front of you
Theres holes in every mask, you just have to look close into the liars eyes to see it
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