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The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laugh
When is the last time you looked at someone and said wow when did this happen. you realize that maybe they're the person you need right now for what youre going through and maybe they arent forever going to be there but they are going to change your life.
they told us not to tell, so we wrote it in blood •

Klein Valley is a small town in the north of Wales, with secrets no one knows.
The people are magical, with their own stories.
What's Yours?

I always wonder why
birds stay in the same place
when they can fly
anywhere on the earth.
Then I ask myself
the same question.



dont let boys bring u pain. the only pain u should feel is from ur jimmy choos after dancing all night long 
he loves to be right, even when he's wrong
when he laughs he turns apple red
he can't stay focused for too long
but he'll still remember things you've said
he'll tell you you're beautiful every night
and kiss you like he means it
when he knows you're upset he'll hug you tight
and when you hold hands it'll be a perfect fit
i beg of you darling, be good to him please
and i hope he loves you as much as he loved me. (nm)- To Whomever Takes My Place
Rags to riches but I'm addicted to being broken
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