Quotes added on Wednesday, September 23 2015

I like to pretend that you might actually miss me
i will miss you for ever ...
everyone has the spirit of a winner only few has the key to unlock it Which is determination and perseverance
The only person I'm jealous of is my future self, He is so rich,famous, loyal,humble, philanthropist, bright, loving, caring,..to mention but a few.......
Whatever You Do Give Your 100% UNLESS....
You Are Donating Blood!!
Show me a mirror and I will show you the mirror guy
I had many FRIENDS over the years. The only Problem with These friends was They Left Me anyway.
It's okay, guys.
Because if you think about it, everything in the world that is extraordinary 
is really just extra ordinary.
This quote does not exist.
I hate those moments after I'm done crying and I just sit there emotionless. 
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