Quotes added on Thursday, September 24 2015

So who has listen too Lana Del Rey new album HONEYMOON?!??!?

Live! Don't just Exist ! ! ! Don't drag through life . . . Live each day as a Celebration!-RVM 
Don’t Freeze! Surrender to the Breeze like the Trees! -RVM 
...always say anything...
~tristan prettyman~
I'm a animal in bad, really !
to be more specifically, A fckin Koala. I can sleep for 22 hours a day.
I remember all those times where I cried to you because of a boy, and now I wonder how such an amazing friend like you could do something like that to me.
swahili....sema milele English translation .....till infinity
My mom decided to help with my tuition fee after finding out that in case I will not be able to pay for my masters I consider being a comics writer as a career choice

I am Batman. It's okay, you can be Jealous now.
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