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One Direction Update
Hey everyone! Today is pretty much the same as yesterday. The boys did show 5/6 in London! 

In other news, the boys have launched what they are calling the London Session! It's going to be an intimate concert with only a small group of fans in attendance. It will take place in a secret location in London on November 14th which is the day after the album is out! There will be more info soon for each country on how to enter a contest to go!

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have their last show of 6 in London at the O2!

This Day In 1D History: 

Rumors: None

Links: Website for the London Session: 
Some shots of the boys tonight on stage: https://twitter.com/1DScoop/status/648976696725499904
Allow yourself the Freedom to Fail before you see Success Sail!-RVM
I am so clingy, when I am bored
I drive an hour to town, just so I can
hangout with my mom at work. I just
chill in the office. for 10 hours. that is
my life.
I just realized that you can take
out a micro sd card from a phone,
put it in an adapter, put it in your
camera, take pictures, put the micro
sd back in your phone, and boom
instant photos. I will be using my 
camera more often. my life has
become at least 20% better.

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This quote does not exist.

I'm not the friend that tells you that you are making a stupid decision when you care so much about it. I support said stupid decision and will follow you through with it. We will both look like idiots. But heck, we did it together.
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You took two steps forward and three steps back
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